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Fresco Beauty would love to help you see a dramatic difference in the look of your skin with our popular Wrinkle Prescription Kit.  This special kit contains both Nutra Fill and Vita Soothe; mix together and apply for a revolutionary approach to skin filling and plumping.  In most cases, wrinkles,creases and wavy contours appear lessened within 10-20 minutes.  Our Nutra Fill/Vita Soothe Kit was created to provide visible filling results to your entire skin surface within minutes, without needles, discomfort or downtime, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional injectable fillers and cosmetic procedures.

How these two remarkable products work together:
  • Nutra Fill contains natural components of the skin's surface that can absorb up to ten thousand times their weight in water.  This plumps up the skin within minutes of application.
  • Vita Soothe contains Vitamins E and F in a lipid base to trap moisture for hours.  After a single application it leaves you with baby soft skin.
Together, the Combo Kit works as a topical filler, adding volume to targeted areas.  Facial wrinkles and creases are visibly reduced, your neck will look more vibrant and smooth.  The appearance of lip lines, nose to mouth creases, and cheek indentations are dramatically decreased.  Don't forget about your hands!  Apply Nutra Fill/Vita Soothe to the back of  your hands and they will look younger, fuller and less lined.

Visible Benefits:
  • Plumps overall skin surface
  • Lessens wrinkles
  • Minimizes appearance of creases and uneven contours, including wavy acne scars
  • Increases skin firmness
One of the nicest things about these two products is that they can benefit and be used by all skin types including: Normal to Combination, Dry to Normal, Rosacea-Prone or Red, Sensitive Skin, and even Oily,Acne-Prone Skin.  Perfect for both men and women.

Before and After Photos:

       Before                                   After 20 minutes                                                                        

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