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Control Corrective Lactic-C Firming Cream

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Lactic acid and Vitamin C moisturizing and firming skin cream.
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Control Corrective Lactic-C Firming Cream:  Maybe it was fun in the sun that caused all those fine lines, uneven pigment, and skin laxity, but they’re no fun now. Lactic C Firming Cream has just enough–but not too much–alpha hydroxy acid plus plenty of vitamin C to help your clients’ complexion to look like itself again.  2.5 oz. 

Purpose: For all skin types showing sun damage and other signs of aging. Lactic acid, an easily absorbed alpha hydroxy acid, increases skin’s water holding capacity, thereby plumping up the surface and enhancing elasticity. Plus, the formula’s bio-available vitamin C helps reverse the major signs of photo damage.

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