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Freezing outdoor temperatures and harsh, stinging winds coupled with excessively dry indoor air from heaters, fireplaces or wood stoves can dry and irritate even the most well-behaved skin.  Fear Not!  Fresco Beauty is here to help.  

It is imperative to prevent moisture loss, and protect the lipid barrier of your skin. Before you can moisturize properly, you need to gently exfoliate the skin in order to remove any dry, flaky skin cells.  This step will allow for better penetration of beneficial serums and creams. Our new Vita B Polish is an excellent choice for gently buffing all skin types. 

The next step is to apply a protective serum such as our Lipid Drops or Vita Soothe to help seal in moisture and protect your natural lipid mantle. Follow your favorite serum with a moisturizing cream that includes peptides, nourishing oils and antioxidant protection. Our Ultra Benefits is perfect for all skin types and contains the exclusive ABF Complex to shield the skin from damaging free-radicals as well as environmental pollutants. Ultra Benefits also contains special peptides and brightening agents to firm and rejuvenate facial skin and may be used both morning and night.  If you have very dry skin, you might prefer using our  Enriched Moisture Creme as your night-time moisturizer.  Enriched Moisture Creme is gentle, free from irritants, and filled with hydrating peptides.  

Finally, a quality sunscreen should always be applied as a last step in your morning skin care routine, even in the winter months!  Try our new Radiant Shield with SPF 40.  Dry, winter skin will be a distant memory! 

Check out the before and after pictures below (after picture is just 6 hours post application of our Lipid Drops).

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